Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ready for the New Year

I guess I need to update my blog.  I kind of neglected it over the holiday.  I had a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday break.  We even had a little bit of snow over the holiday.  Not for Christmas day but around New Year's.  I have been continuing to read and have entered a number of reading challenges for 2013.  I am very excited to get started. 

I was able to see The Hobbit over holiday break and it was awesome.  I had heard it got some bad reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had a lot of action sequences which I felt may have been a little over the top but I think Peter Jackson is trying to cater to a younger audience by including them.  Martin Freeman was amazing as Bilbo Baggins.  I really need to catch up with the Sherlock Holmes series he is in.  I have plans to read The Hobbit this year...I believe I have included it on one of my reading challenges. 

I also wanted to see Life of Pi but did not get to see it yet.  I also plan on seeing Les Miserables.

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