Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday Meme

Top Ten Tuesday: Books/Authors I'm Thankful For
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish This week's topic:

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'm Thankful

I am thankful for.....

1. Dr. Seuss-- Fun rhymes and colorful characters. What great books to inspire emerging readers.
2. Maurice Sendak--- Such glorious illustrations and memorable stories. Let the wild rumpus begin!!
3. L Frank Baum--for getting me through summers at my dad's house in Texas. I would have rather been in Oz.
4. Beverly Cleary--for creating such a rambunctious little girl named Ramona. Laugh out loud fun!!

5. L.M. Montgomery---for another great girl heroine, Anne Shirley. 
6. J.K. Rowling--for creating such a great series that parents can share with their children. What started out as a book for my ten year old son at the time, turned into a shared family experience that has lasted through many years and many children of my family.
7. S.E. Hinton---for helping me get through the teen years with great characters. Later, some wonderful 80s movies with a lot of cute fan crushes (i.e. Matt Dillon & Rob Lowe).

8. Terry Brooks--for the world of Shanarra and wonderful fantasy adventure.
9. Robert Asprin--for the Thieves' World anthologies and the Myth series. 
10.Ray Bradbury---for your genius and insight.

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